Problems with runnig qiime2 tutorial data

Hello everyone I am a Msc student working on describing the microbial communities in animal waste and soil and tracing antimicrobial resistance from animal to agricultural soils. I am very new to QIIME2 and i needed to practice using the data available on the website. I downloaded the data and tried running the first command
qiime tools import
--type EMPSingleEndSequences
--input-path emp-single-end-sequences
--output-path emp-single-end-sequences.qza
but i am getting this error message:
There was a problem with the command:
(1/1) Invalid value for '--input-path': Path 'emp-single-end-sequences' does
not exist.
note: I had renamed my downloaded file as "emp-single-end-sequences.fastq,fz"
what so i need to do in order to run the commands as I practice qiime2?

Hi @Mose_Machoka,
Based on your command, qiime is looking for a directory named "emp-single-end-sequences". You said that you renamed this directory "emp-single-end-sequences.fastq,fz".

You will need to edit the qiime command so that instead of saying:

It says :
--input-path emp-single-end-sequences.fastq,fz

I hope that helps!

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