Problem with sample Metadata

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I try to generate evenness_vector.qzv & alpha rarefaction, but it say it have problem in the metadata. iam include my metadata bellow. i only have sample-id and dont have other data like linkerprimer etc. can anyone help me to solve this? iam really appreciate your help...

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This is my metadata
sample-metadata.txt (103 Bytes)

and this is the error results from qiime2


In QIIME 2, metadata is for related information, such as tracking the sampling location, case vs control, subject id, environment variables (temp, ph, etc). The idea here is that this is the information that customizes your study. We can't tell you what to put there, but I imagine you must have something you could work with, right? Let us know what your thoughts are, we can provide some guidance.

The errors you posted above are 100% related to the fact that you have no metadata columns in your metadata file --- those statistics require the presence of metadata values in order to have something to work with.

Keep us posted! :qiime2:

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