Problem with install qiime2 studio

-bash: npm: command not found
Could you let me know what is this step meaning? npm for?
And why I could not found npm?
Thank you so much.

Did you follow all of the directions listed on the QIIME 2 Studio page? One of the first steps is installing Node and npm:

This interface requires that your system has Node.js. We currently require version 5 or later; you can find installation instructions here. This dependency will be unnecessary in the future.

The error you present here indicates that node/npm aren't present on your system, suggesting you either didn't install it, or, if you did, something went wrong with the installation process. Please double-check that you have followed all of the instructions provided. Thanks! :t_rex:

Sorry, I am busy for other training these days, I will keep follow the problems. I am still in the very beginning of QIIME2:frowning:

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Hi, Good day.
I think I did not install the Q2STUDIO. It should be why I did not install it successfully.
And I still have a simple question.
Each time I want to use qiime2,
I need source activate it each time?
source activate qiime2-2018.2
And If I use conda to install it, I still need to install q2studio?
Thank you so much.

Still have problem. Thank you for helping me.

Sounds about right (although that is certainly some circular logic :large_blue_circle:!)

Yes - this is how conda environments work.

No - only if you want to use q2studio.

It looks like you still haven't successfully installed the prerequisites necessary for running q2studio. I will also mention, it looks like you might be doing this on a Windows machine - we do not support Windows at this time (we have not been able to dedicate any development time towards testing on that platform).

If you are really interested in q2studio, I would suggest checking it out in our Virtualbox Image (linking to the last release of the image, we haven't published 2018.4 vbox just yet), everything is installed and ready for you to use it.

But, as I mentioned above, q2studio is not a requirement for using QIIME 2.

Thank you so much for your help.
Actually, the IT technician helped install the Ubuntu on the windows PC.
Is that OK I install the q2studio on the linux system?
Sorry I am a rookie.
Thank you.

No problem!

Yes, but again, it is not required in order to use QIIME 2.

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