Problem with Atacama soil tutorial and running metadata distance-matrix


I hope everyone is doing well I am very new to qiime2, and I am running though the "Atacama Soil Microbiome tutorial" and am on the step where I am trying to "explor[e] associations between continuous metadata and sample composition, [using] the plugin qiime metadata distance-matrix.

However upon entering in the codes and running this plugin I get major errors in that it tells me that some of the samples are missing values and therefore I can't run qiime metadata distance-matrix.. As a result, I was wondering if there is a way to get around this error or someway to ignore samples that have missing values and if so could could someone could please help me, if so that would be much appreciated.

More specifically I am attempting to run the plugin qiime metadata distance-matrix where i am using the provided sample-metadata file (google sheets Atacama sample metadata (QIIME 2 2020.2) - Google Sheets) and using the metadata column ph.

Thank you very much and I hope everyone has a good night.

Hi @CalvinCornell,
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Your 2 options are to either A) update your metadata file to include those missing samples or B) filter the samples out from your table and re-run. See here for a tutorial on how to filter samples based on their IDs.

Hello @Mehrbod_Estaki,

Awesome thank you very much for your help it is much appreciated and that makes a lot of senses. Also thank you very much for sending me the link on how to filter samples it is greatly appreciated.

Thank you and have a wonderful day


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