Problem importing data in Galaxy

The test data mentioned here: Demultiplexing and Trimming Adapters from Reads with q2-cutadapt seems not available anymore. Can this be updated? Or can you tell me another source where I can download it.

Hi @bernt-matthias,

Unfortunately you are right! it appears that the data has disappeared from these links, we are working on finding new data that would be appropriate for this tutorial. Ill try my best to update you when we have the data links working again!

-- Hannah

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Hi @jphagen, did you have luck to find the data? Or any other data that I could use for a test?

Hi @bernt-matthias,

I am sorry I don't have better news about the dataset! We have not found a good replacement for that data. Can you tell me more about the test you are trying to run, what commands you want to use, and your goals for this test? I am hopeful I can find something that could be a good fit for your use.


We are currently working on Galaxy workflows for qiime2 QIIME2 workflows by debjyoti197 · Pull Request #354 · galaxyproject/iwc · GitHub. We have covered all the other cases. Only the case for multiplexed sequences with barcodes in the sequences is missing.

So we are looking for a small (toy) dataset of fastq.gz files with barcodes in the sequences and a corresponding metadata file. We would run the import tool and the cutadapt tool.

Hi @bernt-matthias,

@lizgehret recommended the data from the usage example for qiime cutadapt demux-single
I was able to find the URLs for this data in the code base for cut-adapt here and I have linked the files below.
I hope these work for your purposes!

Fasting_Map.txt (982 Bytes)
single_multiplexed.qza (328.3 KB)

Thanks. That seems to be exactly what I need. The tests also contain data for paired reads. Excellent.


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