Problem demultiplexing qza file

I am trying to demultiplex an imported file (.qza file) and encountered this error. Please find attached.
I am using a Linux operating system with 64GB RAM installed natively.
I am also in control of the computer.Capture (1)

Hello again @oast. Can you please post the contents of (or upload) the .log file referenced in that error message? Thank you.

Please find attached the log file
qiime2-q2cli-err-0nljstuy.txt (4.1 KB)

Please find attached the log file
qiime2-q2cli-err-0nljstuy.txt (4.1 KB)

This is weird. Usually memory errors only happen when you run out of memory, but obviously with 64gigs of RAM you should be able to allocate 4.35 easily. Can you PM me your data so I can see if I get the same error?

EDIT: Also, are you using a 32bit install of python?

I am having trouble sending you the file because it is 9GB. I did not install python, I think it is in-built

Hmmmm yeah if you natively installed QIIME 2 you should have a 64bit python install.

The error is definitely telling you that you don’t have 4.35gigs of RAM available on the system you’re using. At this point I suspect this has more to do with your system than your data. Even if the system has 64gigs of RAM in it you don’t have the necessary permission to use more than a few gigs likely due to some sort of configuration issue.

I notice you made another post about a month ago where you were having the same issue. That post makes it sound like you are connecting to a remote computer. It is likely that even if this remote computer has 64gigs of RAM installed you do not have permission to use more than a few gigs. If you were able to resolve this issue last time, the same solution will likely work again.

If you were unable to resolve this issue last time, I suggest you look into how much RAM you have available to you and not the amount of RAM you have installed in the system. I suspect it is very low. If you have administrative access to the system you should be able to increase the amount available to you yourself. Otherwise you will need to contact the system administrator.

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