Problem about extracting plotting data in ANCOM volcano plot

Hello, I have a problem about extract the original plotting data from the ANCOM volcano plot. Could anyone can tell me how to solve it?
I used the following code qiime composition ancom --i-table fun-comp-table.qza --m-metadata-file Map.tsv --m-metadata-column Treatment --o-visualization fun-ancom.qzv. When I viewed the fun-ancom.qzv, I got the ANCOM volcano plot and ANCOM statistical results. But the ancom statistical results file just contains W value. I wonder how can I extract the clr value in the anocm volcano plot?
Thank you.

Which version of QIIME 2 are you using? If you aren't using QIIME 2 2018.8, please update, we fixed some bugs in the ANCOM plot rendering in this latest release! If you are running 2018.8, let me know and I can follow up on some thoughts. Thanks! :qiime2: :t_rex:

Thank you for your kind response, I used QIIME2 2018.8 version.

Excellent --- thanks for checking!

Okay, looks like this button:


should give you what you want, except for one minor problem --- I forgot to wire up the TSV to the button (in fact, the code accidentally doesn't save the data as TSV at all).

I have opened an issue here:

In the meantime, click the "View Source" button, then scroll down to "data" section (highlighted below):

This is the data you are looking for, in JSON format.

Sorry, stay tuned for a fix!

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As you said, I tried to download the data by “Export as TSV”, but there was an error message showed “Page Not Found”. Thank you for providing another way to find the plotting data and hope the issue will be fixed soon.

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