[Preview] QIIME 2 2022.2 development changelog

:exclamation: Important :exclamation:

The following is an early developer preview of the changes expected in 2022.2

This post is a live-document which will be updated throughout our development cycle. Any links will in this topic will be broken until the release is officially published. When we are ready for release, we’ll copy this changelog and create a new post in the Announcements category .

Important Developer Information

Dates (please keep an :eye: on this post, these :calendar: might change):

  • PRs must be submitted by: 2/4/22
  • PRs must be merged by: 2/11/22
  • Repo Freeze and Package Building: 2/16/22
  • Release Day: 2/18/22

Developer Project Board:

QIIME 2 2022.2 Project on Github

:exclamation: BREAKING CHANGES

Please update scripts, workflows, etc. as appropriate. Stuck? Reach out here on the forum for help.

Here are the highlights of the release: