pplacer with qiime2


I want to place my sequences on to a reference tree using pplacer. I have never used it before. How can I use it with QIIME2. What file should be used as input to pplacer.

If there is any other program that can help me place my sequences on a reference tree?

Please help


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Hi @Huda_Ghori!

With the q2-fragment-insertion plugin!


Check out this tutorial for an example of how to use it:


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Thanks, But this method doesnot place my sequences onto the tree which has names of all the species.

I am looking for something that can place my sequences on a reference tree and then I can edit it in iTOL.

q2-fragment-insertion will produce just such an Artifact.

Iā€™m not sure I follow - can you please elaborate?

Hi @thermokarst

Sorry for being vague. I got it now!

Thanks for the help

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