Postdoctoral researcher opportunity - human gut microbiome in relation to Autism

In partnership with Arizona State University’s Biodesign Center for Health, Sun Genomics is seeking a Postdoctoral Research Scholar for a new project in the area of microbial ecology with a special focus on host-microbe interactions driven by customized probiotics. Sun Genomics is a VC-backed microbiome health startup creating custom formulated, precision probiotics. Our disruptive technology uses combined applications of genomics, bioinformatics, and microbial physiology. Founded in 2016 in beautiful San Diego, California, Sun Genomics’ first product, Floré, is the world’s only fully customized probiotic using state-of-the-art whole genomic testing of a person’s gut microbiome. Their platform has applications to solve specific issues in areas of infant health, chronic conditions, and food allergies - empowering individuals to manage and augment their microbiome for the first time.

The Postdoctoral Research Scholar will take a leadership role in a Gut Microbiome project (probiotics, microbiome-autism) funded by Sun Genomics. This person will work closely with leading experts in research on Microbiome and Autism, Dr. Krajmalnik-Brown and Dr. Jim Adams, in a uniquely collaborative and productive lab.

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