Postdoctoral position open in microbiome bioinformatics + global health

The Food Systems Biotechnology (FSB) group at ETH Zürich is seeking a postdoctoral researcher with expertise in microbiome metagenomics and bioinformatics to lead efforts for characterization and analysis of global microbial biodiversity as part of the Microbiota Vault initiative's efforts to preserve our microbial heritage.

Microbial diversity is globally threatened by urbanization and environmental change proceeding at an unprecedented pace. The Microbiota Vault initiative aims to preserve the biodiversity of human-associated and environmental microbiota, while still possible, by constructing an institution for the safe storage and preservation of microbiota samples and collections.

The position is located in the Institute of Food, Nutrition, and Health at ETH Zurich within the Laboratory of Food Systems Biotechnology (Prof. Dr. Nicholas Bokulich).

For more details, and application instructions, see the ETH jobs site.