Postdoc in Poland @ Malopolska Centre of Biotechnology

Dear QIIMErs,

I started my lab in Krakow, Poland back in 2019 and slowly but surely we are growing in numbers, projects and opportunities. Now, I am looking for a postdoc in microbiome bioinformatics to join the group and take the lead on our shotgun metagenomics projects. We are actively collaborating with clinical and bioinformatics groups from Poland and internationally, so there are ample opportunities for development within the group, the organization (Malopolska Centre of Biotechnology), and working with collaborators.

The group so far mostly develops new methods to better understand how the microbiome works (functional annotations and longitudinal predictions) and now we really want to put this into action with YOUR help! We are planning on collecting 1000s of fecal samples from Poland via the Polish Microbiome Project (nascent the Microsetta Initiative sister project).

More details can be found here: Microbiome bioinformatics research associate | Tomasz Kościółek Lab

Don’t be shy to send me a message!