Plugin error from SCNIC: No p or p_adj in correls

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Hello @michael.shaffer

I was using SCNIC on qiime2-2018.11 version and it worked!
But something wrong happened when I try to make a sparcc correlation network by P-value through build-correlation-network-p


 % qiime SCNIC build-correlation-network-p 
–i-correlation-table fake_correls.qza 
–p-max-val .05 
–o-correlation-network fake_net.qza

And I got these:

Plugin error from SCNIC:
No p or p_adj in correls

Then I checked the correls data generated from qiime SCNIC calculate-correlations , no P-value column were found in the file.

I also checked the source code in Github , I noticed that there was a default parameters sparcc_p in function calculate-correlations set to FALSE. And I was not able to set it to TRUE by parameters in qiime SCNIC calculate-correlations.

Does this happened to be a bug? or I missed someting else?
Thanks a lot for the useful tools and I am looking forward to your reply.


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q2-SCNIC: A tool for making correlation networks, finding modules of observations and summarizing them
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