Plugin error from diversity faithpd

Im trying to make core metrics, but it delivers me the following plugin error:

Does anyone know, what could be the issue?

Hello @kevin_SalOrt, can you please rerun the command with the --verbose flag and post the output here? Thank you.

I re-ran the command with the --verbose flag and i got the following

The relevant line there is "Table observation IDs are not a subset of the tree tips. This error can also be triggered if a node name contains a single quote (this is unlikely)." Your table is most likely not related to your phylogeny in some way. Did you create a phylogeny from your data or align your data to a reference database?

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I aligned my sequences with mafft plugin :pensive:

Hmmm. It sounds like something probably got filtered at some point. Can I get your table and your tree, so we can look at the provenance? You can post them in this thread or you can DM them to me if you don't want them to be public.

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i could solve it, the person who gave me the data, gave me the incorrect ones, he gave me one filtered table, and he used sequences after clustering with usearch and onother metadata file :confused:

i thank your time and your support


Glad that got sorted out, and happy to help.

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