Plugin error from diversity: could not convert string to float: ''

Hello! I am attempting to run a mantel test on two distance matrices and got this error message:

Plugin error from diversity:
could not convert string to float: ''

This is the command I used:
qiime diversity mantel
--i-dm1 core-metrics-results10k-wild-fecal-social/Tai_Neighbor_Matrix3.qza
--i-dm2 core-metrics-results10k-wild-fecal-social/jaccard_distance_matrix.qza
--p-label1 Neighbor
--p-label2 Jaccard
--o-visualization core-metrics-results10k-wild-fecal-social/Neighbor_Jaccard_Mantel

I have checked both files for extra characters and haven't found anything. The matrices are symmetrical and all the labels are the same. Any advice?

Welcome back to the forum!
That is strange!
The only thing I can think of is that you have Nan or N/A values. If you already checked both matrices, can you confirm that not only labels are the same, but also that samples are equally present in both matrices? Missing samples my create Nan /N/A values and cause the issue. For example, it is possible that some of your samples were filtered out by sampling depth threshold while calculating core metrics.


Hi Timur,
Thanks for the response. Yes, all the samples are present in both matrices.
Any other ideas?

Could you check your matrices one more time, especially "Tai_Neighbor_Matrix3.qza"? It probably contains some missing values that are causing the error. Or could you share it here with us or send it to me via PM?


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