Plugin error from classifier

Hi everyone,

I try to train the silva classifier with the command:

qiime feature-classifier fit-classifier-naive-bayes --i-reference-reads silva_99_otus.qza --i-reference-taxonomy silva_99_ref-taxonomy.qza --o-classifier silva_132_99_classifier.qza

It showed me “Plugin error from feature-classifier”

I am using the latest qiime2, version qiime2core/2018.11. q2-feature-classifier should be there. I did the same way with greengenes and it works fine, only problem with silva. Therefore, I supposed the q2-feature-classifier plugin should be fine.

Does anyone have the same problems?

I am looking forward to getting your advices.

Thank you very much,

Best regards,


Please show the complete error message. Re-run the command with the --verbose flag added and share the complete report here if it does not confirm what I suspect is the issue (see below).

Yes, sounds like feature classifier is working fine.

Without seeing the error, this almost certainly sounds like it is a memory error. Classifiers trained on SILVA take much more memory to use than those trained on Greengenes. Get the full error report as I described above, and if the report says that this is a memory error, see here for past advice on solving this system issue.

Good luck!

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