picrust2 script clarification

Excuse me for the inconvenience, but I need some clarification.
My question concerns PICRUSt2: I'm trying to integrate this tool, and I'm wondering if we really need this folder: https://github.com/picrust/picrust2/tree/master/picrust2 or only https://github.com/picrust/picrust2/tree/master/scripts is used. In this case I can delete /picrust2 folder ?.
My second question is about how this tool accesses the database. Does it send requests, or is there a local database in the Git repository? In other words, I found files in https://github.com/picrust/picrust2/tree/master/picrust2/default_files but I didn't understand if they are the output of the test folder or a local database?

Would you be able to help this user?
Thank you!

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