picrust2 inputs and taxonomy classifier missing sample

I am currently exploring picrust2 for the first time and have utilized the ASV-sequences.fasta generated by Qiime2 FeatureInference, along with the asv_table.csv file generated using Qiime taxonomy classifier with RDP.
Upon inspection, I observed that the asv_table.csv file contains a missing sample, as compared to my metadata file, which includes a total of 10 samples. However, the asv_table.csv only lists 9 samples.

For my first question: Could you kindly confirm whether my input files for picrust2 are correct?

Additionally, for my second question: Why is there a missing sample after the taxonomy diversity analysis? (I am employing depth of coverage, and the plateau of the curve is set to 10,000.)

Hi @Scalett_Pegany,
We'll need a little more detail to help with this. Could you provide the picrust2 command that you're running? And if you're ok with sharing it, it would also help us if you could share the .qza or .qzv file where you're seeing only nine samples.

Thank you. The problem is resolved
it was due to an error on my part.

Glad you got it sorted out!

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