Phase 2 of the QIIME 2 library

Hi, just wanted to check if there are any updates on getting to phase 2 in the QIIME 2 library. We have a Github actions workflow that triggers on every release and tests our plugin on recent QIIME 2 versions and the dev version and deploys to PYPI. It would be really cool if I could deploy to the QIIME 2 library as well since I currently have to go in and update versions by hand every time.


Hey there @cdiener, sorry for the slow reply!

2021.8 was the first release of QIIME 2 to use the new Library package building machinery that we've been cooking up for the last few months, and we're feeling really great about that. What this package building machinery does is it allows plugin developers to "register" their package with Library via GitHub Actions CI - new versions of the plugin will automatically be built, tested, integrated, and distributed via as conda packages. We're currently getting ready to start working on updating Library so that this same build system will also render out the plugin's documentation, as well as tutorials, etc. We're looking for some beta testers - if you're interested send me a DM and we can discuss the logistics to see if adding your plugin to this new system makes sense right now (I don't want to make extra work for you!) - thanks!


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