Permadisp for diversity plugin?

I realize Im super late with this for the April release, so it’s probably a discussion for the next incarnation. (Although depending on the complexity, I might be able to put in a PR!) However, recently, i’ve been using the permadisp in scikit-bio (or betadisp in vegan) function to test dispersion in parallel with my permanova or adonis. It’s a nice compliment, since dispersion in one of the groups can drive differences in beta diversity (sometimes greater than the between sample difference) and/or reflect community instability.

Would there be interest in adding this functionality to the diversity plugin now or in the near future in getting these into QIIME 2?


Thanks for the suggestion @jwdebelius! beta-group-significance already has a permdisp method option (this was recently added) — is that what you are looking for?

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Thanks! Thats perfect. I guess I didn’t read the documentation closely enough this time!