Percentile normalisation issue

I have issues running percentile normalization plugin. I use below command:

qiime perc-norm percentile-normalize
--i-table merged_relative_frequency_table.qza
--m-metadata-file merged_datasets_alzheimer_metadata\ -\ Sheet1.tsv
--m-metadata-column sample-type
--m-batch-file merged_datasets_alzheimer_metadata\ -\ Sheet1.tsv
--m-batch-column study-id
--o-perc-norm-table test_out.percentile_qiime.qza

and error showing up is:

Plugin error from perc-norm:

Range exceeds valid bounds

Any suggestion on what it might be?

attached files that I am using.
merged_relative_frequency_table.qza (1.2 MB)
merged_datasets_alzheimer_metadata - Sheet1.tsv (8.1 KB)

Hi @Dzana_Basic,
Could you run this command again providing the --verbose parameter, and then provide the full output that is generated (it'll be a more detailed error message). This is a community plugin (meaning it was developed by a community member, not someone directly involved in the project day-to-day), so we may need to try to track down the developer or someone else with expertise to help out, but we'll do what we can to help.


One more request @Dzana_Basic:

Could you run qiime feature-table summarize and share the output? Please provide the feature table and metadata that you're providing to qiime perc-norm percentile-normalize as input.


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