Percentile abundances of features by group ANCOM - Interpretation

I ran ANCOM here in qiime2 (version 2019.10) with 8 different groups with some features (ASVs). Input file was a table of the number of reads of each ASV per group (feature table generated by Deblur)

I understand the volcano plot and the statistical results. As you can see I´ve got a few features that showed significant differential abundance, but I´m having a hard time interpreting which samples are different from one another in relation to those features.

Since the Percentile abundance of features by group table shows the number of reads, how can I compare one group to another if they have different sequence depth?

I read in one of the discussion here at qiime forum that those numbers are normalised when ANCOM is calculated, which is fine, but I´m also interested in pinpointing which group differ from one another. How can I do this with the qiime ancom results? Or should I do further analysis to get that answer?

Thank you in advance!

Ancom-MotherZyg-Month9.qzv (364.2 KB)

Hi @Ondina_Palmeira, I would recommend checking out the qiime2 tutorials.

Regarding checking to see if groups are different, I’d check out the beta diversity tutorials

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