PCoA Plot Invert Axes Option


I have generated the PCoA plots.On the right side of the manual, there is “Axes” tab. For each axis, there is a drop-down manu called “visible” and there is “Invert” box on the right side. We can leave it as blank or check the box.

Does anybody know what the invert box is for on each axis? I have played around the graph and noticed that sometimes clusters are more clear when I checked the invert scale for Axis 1 or sometimes the other Axises. Is there a rule to use the “invert” option?

Thank you!

Hi @ihl216,

The axis in PCoA projections are not based on real values. They’re scaled projections. So, the axes are functionally meaningless. So, you can “invert” the axis (flip the clustering). Its the same as rotating your projection 180º.

Theres no rule on inversion; you usually present the data in the a projection which best highlights your data. If youre concerned about results, qzvs might be a nice inclusion for co-authors or manuscripts?


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