Path of plugin for citations

Hi developers, qiime tools citations needs the path of a plugin, but I cannot find them. For example, where is the q2-dada2 plugin located? I tried:

$ qiime tools citations ~/.conda/envs/qiime2-2018.4//conda-meta/q2-dada2-2018.4.0-py35_0.json
Traceback (most recent call last):
ValueError: conda-meta/q2-dada2-2018.4.0-py35_0.json is not a QIIME archive.


Hi @jjmmii!

Actually that tool takes a .qza/.qzv file, not a plugin. :slight_smile:

To see a plugin’s citations you can use:
qiime dada2 --citations

However, there are usually going to be more citations that just that because a plugin can use shared (and potentially citable) functionality, so I’d stick with qiime tools citations, just hand it an artifact/visualization.

You will have needed to have generated your data in version 2018.4 for there to be any citations present, otherwise you’ll just see “no citations” because we hadn’t taught QIIME 2 to do that until this last release.

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