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Hi everybody,
I need more clarifications about this topic. I can’t understand why is possible to perform this analysis with shannon and faith_pd metrics, but for example with evenness and observed_otus, not.
I have tried to perform the metadata tabulate and it is ok. I’m figuring out that the problem is the word that we have to put in --p-metric, because although the --m-metadata-file works, I think that the problem is in --p-metric.
Could anybody help me?
thanks a lot,

shannon and faith_pd have transparent metric names.

evenness is labeled “pielou_e” or something along those lines in the alpha diversity artifact — using metadata tabulate on the alpha diversity artifact should clarify the correct name.

If you are still having trouble, please post the exact command you are attempting to use, as well as QZVs (output of metadata tabulate) for all files you are using as input.


Great! I`ve got it with alpha diversity indexes, but and with the case of PCoA? which is the word that we should use? I’ve tried pcoa, unifrac, unweighted_unifrac, but…
This is my command:

qiime longitudinal pairwise-differences --m-metadata-file dieta_vs_bs_map_var.txt --m-metadata-file /Volumes/Elements/dieta_vs_BSFinal/bien-con-guion/core-metrics-results-even22272/unweighted_unifrac_pcoa_results.qza --p-metric pcoa --p-group-column Treatment --p-state-column Time --p-state-1 pre --p-state-2 post --p-individual-id-column Individual --p-replicate-handling random --o-visualization dietbs-pairwise-differences-unweighted_pcoa_results.qzv

and this is the warning:

Plugin error from longitudinal:

metric must be a valid metadata or feature table column.

Thanks a lot,


Use qiime metadata tabulate on this file: /Volumes/Elements/dieta_vs_BSFinal/bien-con-guion/core-metrics-results-even22272/unweighted_unifrac_pcoa_results.qza to see what the column names are. I believe it should be something like “Axis 1”.

Great! it works!
thanks a lot!!

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