Package conflicts causing failure to install and create QIIME 2022.02 environment

I tried installing QIIME 2022.22 as per the installation guidelines but QIIME failed to install and the QIMME-2022.02 environment was not generated. There was a long list of package conflicts generated during the attempted installation process.

I restarted my computer and ran the following commands to ensure the QIIME-2022.2 environment hadn’t been created, and to clean up conda before reattempting the installation process.

$ conda info --envs

$ conda clean --all

I restarted the installation from step 1: updating conda. The second attwmpt ended in failure again due to conflicting packages (very long list).

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance


Quick update. I successfully installed QIIME2-2021.11. I then followed by re-attempting to install QIIME2-2022.2, but again it failed listing a range of package conflicts.

Hi @lukelikesdrirt,

Thanks for reaching out! This is an issue we are working to resolve today - I'll follow up with you once that's taken care of, and have you try doing a fresh install to confirm things are working on your end. Thanks for your patience!

Hey @lukelikesdrirt,

We believe we've fixed the issue and have a new environment without conflicts.
You should be able to do a fresh install of 2022.2 following the usual instructions, so long as you delete the old environment.yml file and download the latest (which has been updated).

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