otuid and taxonomy number

I created the taxonomy.tsv and otu.tsv files using the importing function in qiime2. When mapping the two files, there was a lot of the same taxonomy and otuid. So we reduced it from 3,000 to 200.
Is there a problem?

Hi @shinseung,

So, it’s hard to determine whether this is a problem or fine without addtional information! How did you generate your OTU table? How did you get your taxonomic assignments?

When you say there’s a lot fo the same taxonomy and otuid, do you mean that multiple otu ids mapped to the same taxonomic designation or that there were multiple copies of the same OTU ID? If it’s the first case, how did you reduce your number of features? What kind of filtering or selection criteria did you use?


all.zip (2.0 MB)

This is my file.
When the two files are combined, the otuid number
It will decrease from 3000 to 200

Thank you.

Hi @shinseung,

Sorry to be a broken record, as I asked earlier,

I’m also wondering how you did your import. Was this to biom or to qza?


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