OTU table import


I received an OTU table and taxonomy assignments from collaborators. They don’t have time to do any more analyses, so I am reading up on doing them myself.

But I am struggling a bit on how, if possible, to import the OTU table and the taxonomy assignments into Qiime, so I can start analysing the data?

Can anyone point me in the right direction?
Thanx a lot

Hi @Trezno, please take a look at our Importing Tutorial! There is a subsection devoted to importing BIOM tables near the bottom. To import your taxonomy, there is an example of that in the Feature Classifier Tutorial, as well as a few examples floating around here on the forum.

I would recommend starting out by spending some time reviewing the QIIME 2 docs, and work your way through the tutorials to become comfortable and familiar with the platform!

Good luck and happy QIIMEing! :t_rex:

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