Opening .qza file

I’ve been asked to view the contents of a .qza files. He suggested using textwrangler to open it but as far as I can tell it’s only available on MacOS. I’m running Qiime on a Virtual PC with Linux. Are there any suitable alternatives that I can use?

Use qiime tools export to export your QZA to a non-archived file format, as described here. Usually this will be a human-readable format that you can just open with any text viewer, depending on the QZA type.

However, most human-readable file formats that you would actually want to manually inspect (e.g., taxonomy or sequence files) can also be “summarized” in a visualization using qiime metadata tabulate. This will be much more useful, since you can sort and search inside these visualizations (after they are opened with qiime tools view or

Other QZAs, like feature tables or demultiplexed sequences, have their own summarize actions (qiime feature-table summarize and qiime demux summarize, to be precise). These will probably be more useful for assessing the contents, rather than exporting, unless if you want something really specific (e.g., you think there’s something wrong with the contents of a file).

If you have a specific type of QZA that I did not mention above and exporting does not get what you need, let us know the type and we can offer another solution.

I hope that helps!


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