Online course: Metabarcoding in Microbial Ecology

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We are excited to announce that there are only three seats left for the upcoming edition of our online course, "METABARCODING IN MICROBIAL ECOLOGY" scheduled to take place from February 5th to February 9th, 2024.

Course website: Metabarcoding in microbial Ecology - physalia-courses

Embark on an immersive journey into the world of metabarcoding techniques in microbial ecology. This comprehensive course covers the bioinformatic processing of next-generation sequencing data and essential approaches in multivariate statistics. Through a combination of theoretical lectures and hands-on exercises, you'll master the computational intricacies of a metabarcoding study, from the initial processing of raw sequencing reads to final statistical evaluations.

Upon completing the course, you will achieve the following objectives:

    • Grasp the concepts, potential, and limitations of microbial metabarcoding techniques.
    • Learn how to process raw sequencing reads to derive meaningful insights.
    • Gain experience in statistically evaluating and visualizing your data.
    • Acquire the ability to make informed decisions on best practices for your own data.

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