One-to-one help / qiime2 for microbiome

I am getting started with qiime2 for microbiome analysis and I really need one to one help with files, formatting, import, etc. Online or in person touring session is what I am looking for. Please, if you can help or if you can recommend a place to go to around DC, let me know.
Note: I went through qiime2 tutorials, but I can find nothing about the problem I am facing.
Thank you

Hi @AYK,

Welcome to the forum!

This is actually a good place to start: we provide a lot of one-on-one service and solutions (at least IMO) and you get direct access to the experts in each area. Microbiome analysis is a big field, and different people have different expertises. @Nicholas_Bokulich is my go-to guy for ITS questions, for example, and he knows more about taxonomic classification than anyone else I know and @ebolyen or @thermokarst can help you with installation and error messages like no one’s business. @SoilRotifer is like the Silva expert… and then you alos have access to people who are developing the individual plug in. Do you want or need help on q2-PICRSt? Moving your QIIME data to R? Interpreting your statistics (sometimes with may different views and emojis)? My experience here has been a vibrant community with a lot of perspectives and support and i’ve learned a ton.

Unfortunately, you’ve just missed the QIIME workshop in the DC area, which would be another suggestion! Im not sure what hte current format is exactly, in the past there has been big group, small group and one-on-one advice about things from how to get your data into qiime to how to read some of the plots, to installation, study design, etc. Maybe keep your eye out for another one?



As @jwdebelius noted, you just missed a workshop in DC! But official QIIME 2 workshops are held every few months, and we do a workshop in the DC area (at NIH) at least once a year. Keep an eye on this page to learn more about upcoming workshops:

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