Obtaining specific sequences assigned to a genus

Hi I wants to checkon the results for the positive controls which should be positive for a species of but currently these only coming up as genus, can we get the sequences for these reads so that we can do some blast.
There are two qiime files. One ends with rep_seqs.qza. By unzipping that I get a folder called data, which contains a fasta file of raw sequences. And for the the taxonomy that qiime has assigned to genus, I dig down the the file ending taxa.qza,
I got a table of each sequence ID from the fasta file and a taxnomy.
But I want to know which sample those sequences belong to… Is there a way for that?
I am not sure if I am able to explain my problem. Please let me know if I need to give more info…
Here are few lined from the taxonomy file:
Feature ID Taxon Consensus
66a22472e446e1e14b06ed6e2cfee06a k__Fungi;p__Basidiomycota;c__Microbotryomycetes;o__Sporidiobolales;f__Sporidiobolaceae;g__Sporobolomyces 0.7
390fd3e6ecb43047f64e052bdeeca1e0 k__Fungi;p__Basidiomycota;c__Agaricomycetes;o__Boletales;f__Sclerodermataceae;g__Scleroderma 1
ba054128651230a13b9d606344019300 k__Fungi;p__Basidiomycota;c__Tremellomycetes;o__Filobasidiales;f__Filobasidiaceae;g__Naganishia 1
7b230c42274c42969a62a324381311b1 k__Fungi;p__Ascomycota;c__Dothideomycetes;o__Capnodiales;f__Cladosporiaceae;g__Cladosporium 0.6
573fd54826f0d80c7e13be6ba42f8608 k__Fungi;p__Ascomycota;c__Dothideomycetes;o__Capnodiales;f__Cladosporiaceae;g__Cladosporium 0.6
2128fa561ddfcda269e31cbee44ef30b k__Fungi;p__Basidiomycota;c__Malasseziomycetes;o__Malasseziales;f__Malasseziaceae;g__Malassezia 1
c6f25bf541b4a013aea5a148ed51f796 k__Fungi;p__Basidiomycota;c__Tremellomycetes;o__Filobasidiales;f__Filobasidiaceae;g__Naganishia 1
c755fdae9537af8b9722a6a191abdb81 k__Fungi;p__Basidiomycota;c__Microbotryomycetes;o__Sporidiobolales;f__Sporidiobolaceae;g__Rhodotorula 1
a73ba39d16e0fd90ebbe27b3bfe308fe k__Fungi;p__Ascomycota;c__Dothideomycetes;o__Pleosporales;f__Pleosporaceae;g__Alternaria 1
23b98ae3db41a573f3636c64766d5f0d k__Fungi;p__Ascomycota;c__Eurotiomycetes;o__Eurotiales;f__Aspergillaceae;g__Penicillium 1

::: and so on.


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You can run taxonomic analysis and get taxa_barplot.qzv file
From which you can download / extract a .csv file on required level and see in which samples this feature observed.

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Hi @Mitra,

I think there are three steps here for you. First, you can get the features in a single sample using qiime feature-table filter-samples. I would then use that to filter your sequences wtih qiime feature-table filter-seqs. If you click on a specific sequence, it will automagically :sparkles: BLAST against NCBI.


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