Number of taxa and observed OTUs


The results seem problematic to me.

Clearly, we can see that 12A has the least number of OTUs in the table-cr-95.tsv which was exported from a vsearch closed-ref table.

When I look into observed OTUs, 12A has the most. How and why does that happen?

Please help...

--> table-cr-95.tsv (2.8 KB)


The exported table you shared has not been rarefied at an even depth, and 13A has the highest number of sequences. So it is not comparable to the alpha rarefaction plot you shared, which displays the number of OTUs observed at each sampling depth. It also looks like there are only 140-some OTUs in the table, so it seems like you are comparing data at different processing stages (e.g., ASVs vs. OTUs? Pre- vs. post-filtering?).

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table-cr-95.tsv is an output of vsearch closed-ref but alpha-rarefaction.qzv is an output of the table artifact BEFORE vsearch.

Thank you very much for spotting that mistake.

My nickname is @the_dummy for the clear reasons. :upside_down_face:


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