number of feature mean

  1. Does "number of feature" mean the number of bacteria? I wonder if it means contig or bacteria?
    There are 4,994 otu ids in the otu table, but there are duplicate ids (taxonomy). Are they different bacteria? (No name yet ..)
    Or are you wondering if the contig of bacteria would combine the same names and become collaps later?

  1. Collaps to species level. The data of 300 people and 600 people were collapsed by running dada2 respectively, and the taxonomy was the same with 313. species level collaps I wonder if the maximum number of taxonomy is 313.

Thank you.


It's different ASVs that may be later assigned to taxonomy. Note that several ASVs can be very similar and will be assigned to the same taxa, so you have much less bacteria in general than ASVs.

Looks like it is


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