No Barcodes of fastq files

Hi all,
I am a new user of qiime and I have a problem with importing input data;
I have a separate file for each of my samples (i.e. demultiplexed) and the mapping file. However, the barcodes were trimmed and do not appear in neither of these. In similar topics the answers assume that there is a separate file containing the barcodes or that they appear in the mapping file.
In this case the barcodes were completely removed after sequencing and cannot be retrieved from the existing files.

So, the question is whether the barcodes required to create an artifact and continue in analysis? Is there a way to circumvent this problem?

Thanks in advance,

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Hi @blau, thanks for writing to us! It sounds like your data is more or less all set to be imported using one of our handy “fastq manifest” formats! These formats eschew the need for barcodes, by allowing you to manually map what files go with what sample. Please take a look at that tutorial, and see if that can get you moving along! Feel free to ping us here if you get stuck with importing these data.

Thanks! :tada:

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Yes, it works now. Thanks for the fast reply!

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