NaN values in Demultiplexed sequence counts summary

using qiime2-amplicon-2023.9, installed with miniconda3.
qiime demux summarize \

--i-data 2-imported_seqs/paired-end-demux.qza
--o-visualization 2-imported_seqs/paired-end-demux.qzv

.qzv was saved, but upon inspection in, there seems to be strange NaN values in the Demultiplexed sequence counts summary section, and the summary stats are repeated in 3 blocks (attached). The rest of the Overview looks fine, and the Interactive Quality Plot looks fine. Any advice?

paired-end-demux.qzv (316.2 KB)

Hello @brittair, this appears to be a bug with the 2023.9 release most likely to do with the pandas 3rd party dependency. If you visualize your data with 2023.7 you most likely will not see this issue. We will look into fixing this.


Thank you, @Oddant1! These seqs are from NCBI so I was able to spot check the Per Sample Sequence Counts, for example. I assume that the glitch you mention is just affecting the way the output is displayed, but not the content of the output. But I feel like I need to do my due diligence and ask for clarification just in case because I am not well-versed in q2: this bug should only affect the visualization and I should be able to proceed with analysis as usual, yes? Thank you.

Yes this is only a visual bug. Those summaries are calculated as a part of the visualization and are not stored with the data. I checked the data in the moving pictures tutorial and while I can see this issue with the .qzv that comes from demux summarize in the tutorial, there does not appear to be anything wrong with the .qza that goes into it.

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