multiple errors in sample metadata file

hello sir the same problem is occuring with my metadata file Am i missing something

sir the same problem with my data file

Metadata error - qiime2 2018.6 - #2 by thermokarst[sample-metadata.tsv (1.5 KB) ](http://)

I think the problem is the same. That file says .tsv, but the columns are separated by commas, so it’s truly a .csv file.

Save it with tabs and this should work great!

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sample_metadata.tsv (1.5 KB)

i cant understand the error in my metadata file

I have attached my error also

That file looks good! I used the Keemei google docs plugin to validate it and it’s a valid Qiime 2 metadata file.

That other error says ‘Feature IDs found in the table are missing from the taxonomy’. So maybe the taxonomy file and the feature table are from different projects or the taxonomy has been filtered in some way?


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