Moving Qiime2 to Python 3.9

I note the current Qiime2 release of 2024.2 is built using Python 3.8 (this is what the conda install gives you), which means any plugins for it must also work on the now elderly Python 3.8 (see Status of Python versions - this is scheduled to stop getting security updates in October 2024).

Reading [Preview] QIIME 2 2021.4 development changelog - #3 by thermokarst one of the big changes in 2021.4 was moving from Python 3.7 (then approaching end-of-life) to Python 3.8.

I am working on a plugin, and am hoping not to have to support Python 3.8. Are there similar plans afoot for moving off Python 3.8 in the next release or so? In many ways jumping to something more recent than Python 3.9 would be wise. Thank you!


Hi @peterjc,
Yes, definitely. Our goal is to move to Python 3.10 for the 2024.5 release (scheduled for May). We haven't yet dove in, and we don't know what's going to break until we do - so that's why I describe it as a goal rather than commit to it. We're moving that direction though, and plan to skip 3.9 like you suggest. (We would go straight to 3.11, but conda packages don't yet exist for a lot of our dependencies.)

Once we have a working weekly build it will be possible to install that and develop against it following the instructions here.

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That’s great, thank you. Getting my stuff working again on Python 3.8 wasn’t as bad as I feared, and your proposed timeline meshes well with Python 3.8 end-of-life.

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