Morisita index in Qiime 2 new versions

Hello, we submitted a paper where we compared and reported beta diversity differences between our 2 study groups (UniFrac weighted, unweighted, , bray Curtis, ),but one of the reviewers insisted that we also use Morisita index. I could not find anything about Morisita in the new versions of QIIME2 (only found something online in QIIME). Is it still available? Thanks!!

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Hi @anitalijia,

Thanks for reaching out, that's a great question! We don't currently have any plugins in the QIIME 2 Core Framework that can be used to calculate the Morisita index. It might be worth posting in the 'Community Contributions' or 'Other Bioinformatics Tools' categories to see if anyone has a community plugin they've been working on that will calculate this, or if anyone has any recommendations for alternative tools that can be used for these calculations.

Best of luck! :lizard:

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