More than 24 hours Running

I run this command in order to filter short length sequences less than 290 nt.
My problem is it is running more than 24 hours.

qiime rescript filter-seqs-length-by-taxon \

--i-sequences RefsequencesdsrB.qza \
--i-taxonomy dsrB.qza \
--p-labels bacteria \
--p-min-lens 290 \
--o-filtered-seqs ncbi-refseqsnew.qza \
--o-discarded-seqs ncbi-refseqs-tooshortnew.qza

Is there option/parameter to know how long should I wait for? Is there a problem? It sounds unusual, I suppose!

Best regards,

Hi @TurboQiimer,

How many sequences are in your RefsequencesdsrB.qza file?

How may different taxonomic groups are in your dsrB.qza file?

Are there only Bacteria in your data file? If so make use of the

qiime rescript filter-seqs-length

action, it is much faster as it will trim all filter all sequences to that min-lens. I would not use

rescript filter-seqs-length-by-taxon

unless you want to differentially filter multiple taxa.