Model summary of qiime longitudinal linear-mixed-effects

I ran the following code to predict MAZ scores based on Txt and Sex.

qiime longitudinal linear-mixed-effects --m-metadata-file maz_corrected_metadata.tsv --p-metric MAZ_score --p-group-columns Txt,Sex --p-state-column Age --p-individual-id-column AnimalNumber --o-visualization linear-mixed-effects.qzv

I know how to interpret the model results section, but what does the scale, likelihood and converged values mean in the model summary? I've attached a screen shot.

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@hharder, I chatted with a couple of the other developers and we don't have a great recommendation for a resource for you to learn more about this. This is more of a general statistics question than a QIIME 2 specific question.

A few things that come in in discussions with @colinbrislawn and @Nicholas_Bokulich that might help:

Hope this helps!


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