`MixedCaseDNAFASTA` not found

Hi @SoilRotifer!

Thank you very much for this tutorial, I think the community was really needing it! However, I would like to signal that when I try to run the first import, i receive the error

No format: MixedCaseDNAFASTAFormat

I am downloading the same exact files you linked, and running the command using singularity shell of a container whose feature are q2cli version 2022.2.0

Could you help me?
Thanks in advance!

EDIT: it worked using a container with Qiime2_2023.2

Hello @AstroBioJack,

please, pay attention to the version of QIIME 2, the format was introduced only in version 2022.11, as mentioned in Importing sequence data with lower-case nucleotide characters. Constructing an RDP classifier as an example.



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