Missing Test Data for Moving Pictures tutorial

For “Moving Pictures” tutorial - Multiple Interface Edition — QIIME 2 2023.9.2 documentation (Galaxy version)

the two test data download links for barcodes and sequences are broken:

The combined download for the other interfaces works. But I would need the separate downloads for the tests for qiime2 Galaxy workflows that we are working on: QIIME2 workflows by debjyoti197 · Pull Request #354 · galaxyproject/iwc · GitHub

Can I assume that the links are stable?

Edit: Found newer (and working) links here docs/source/tutorials/moving-pictures.rst at master · qiime2/docs · GitHub. Which raises the question why the online tutorial displays old data.

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Man, what is going on with our URLs at the moment?

We'll look at our doc-build process to see where this is failing, as those URLs should exist and be reliable.

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Good news, I found it!

The URL appears to be hard-coded to 2021.11 (still a bug to find in the usage driver), but the URL you would expect given the release version (2023.9) does exist:


And found the problem:

No wonder... :person_facepalming: