Missing rows of metadata in qzv files

Hi Qiime2 developers,

IAI_Mapping.tsv (115.1 KB)

Here I uploaded a mapping file, which is keemei validated. I pretty much used the commands followed the moving-picture tutorial. I have run the Qiime2 for several other projects and they worked well. However, for this run, when I check the qzv files (and other qzv files) such as the taxa-bar-plots.qzv (taxa-bar-plots.qzv (1.6 MB)
), I found more than 80% samples are missed for the meta-data from the figure (metadata "location" this time), as below:

But it is and only good when it is displayed and sorted by the index (#sampleID), as below:

Thank you all in advance.


Hi @gc26762524! It looks like all of the unlabeled sample IDs are contained in the feature table, but not in the metadata file (for example, sample ID SW038). Can you double-check that the IDs in your metadata file correspond to the IDs in the feature table? qiime feature-table summarize can be used to see what IDs are in the feature table.

Note: we have an open issue to have an error raised in this case, which will help with debugging this type of issue in the future, and match the behavior of other QIIME 2 actions where metadata are involved. We’ll follow up here when the fix is available in a release!

Hi Jai, Thanks for your reply. The names are different in the manifest file and the mapping file which caused the problem. My bad. However it is absolutely good to have a ERROR feature for debugging in the future release. /Cheng

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