Minimum version dependency in q2-feature-table PR not being read by Travis-CI?

I submitted a PR to q2-feature-table to add subsampling with replacement to rarefy ( I updated ci/recipe/meta.yaml to specify the minimum version of biom required for this feature to work, but when Travis-CI runs on the PR, it doesn’t seem to catch that, or I’ve specified it in the wrong way, or something else I haven’t yet figured out.

Do any of y’all have suggestions as to where else I should specify a minimum version for biom, or what I might be doing to cause this requirement not to be satisfied?

Hey there @sdbrown!

The environment created in travis is based on the latest environment file created by busywork, our build system responsible for testing and integration QIIME 2. That means that changes to ci/recipe/meta.yaml won’t be available until after they make their way through busywork (which happens when PRs are merged). The simple solution here is to split the PR into two parts: first update the recipe deps, then, once a new environment file is output by busywork, the second PR with the actual code changes can use that new dependency.

OK, will do. Thanks!