Microbiome Bioinformatics with QIIME 2 Workshop, June 12-14 2019, Statens Serum Institut, Copenhagen, Denmark

This workshop is very close to being sold out (there are 8 seats remaining) - act soon if you are interested in attending! Looking forward to this workshop, should be a lot of fun! :t_rex:

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looks a great opportunity. I would like to request for an online workshop. kindly if possible, arrange that too. it’s too costly for a student like me.


I also think a virtual workshop/ video tutorials would be amazing!


I think an online workshop would be great! I know of a lot of people her that would love to attend an online workshop. As mentioned above, it’s often quite costly for people to travel to a specific location.

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Hi @hafizmtalha @Sam_Degregori @Roger_Huerlimann,
Thank you for the suggestion. Online workshops and video tutorials are both ideas that have been on our minds for a while, and we may offer both in the future. These would be separate from on-site workshops; a major component of the on-site workshop is the ability to interface directly with the instructions to solve problems. Online workshops have formidable logistical and support challenges that we need to work out before offering. The Copenhagen workshop will be in-person only, but stay tuned for other possibilities in the future.


Hi! Can I still register for this workshop?
Thank you

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I would like to attend the workshop but not possible for me to go to Denmark, since I have Q exam at these dates, however I will look for next workshops. And it would be great if you could share some videos from the workshop later, or an online workshop idea is great as well…

Yes! Please follow this link to register. We hope to see you there :smile:

Too bad we will miss you! You can keep an eye on our upcoming workshops page… currently we have planned one in Scotland and a few in the USA. We hope to see you at a future workshop!

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In this workshop, will you cover topic how to apply 16s from Nanopore/PacBio into Qiime2?

Thank you very much.

Welcome @PCharoentong!

This workshop could be a good place to get one-on-one support for importing nanopore and pacbio data into QIIME 2. The third day will be devoted to one-on-one support from the instructors, as well as small group discussions, so we could accommodate this on the third day.

QIIME 2 currently lacks a method for denoising nanopore and pacbio data, but that is the only step that is missing — so the current recommendation is to denoise or dereplicate these data outside of QIIME 2 using appropriate methods (e.g., nanopore has its own tools). You will need to generate a BIOM table, essentially an observation matrix of each unique sequence (or species) and its abundance in each sample.

If you can get your data into that format, then this workshop will be useful to you and we can help you import your data into QIIME 2 to run all sorts of downstream analysis.

We hope to see you there!

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Hi, I attended the workshop in Copenhagen in June '19, and i wish to know if you can send me a certificate of attendace. Thank you

Have a nice day

Carlo Bressa

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Hey @Carlo77, I will try and make you a certificate soon, although we are getting ready for our QIIME 2 2019.10 release, so I am a bit swamped at the moment. If you don’t hear from me in 2 weeks ping me here again - thanks!


thank you and congrats for the new QIIME2 release

have a great day, thanks


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