Metdata file validation

I am attempting to run alpha rarefaction and I am having issues with my metadata file. The code I am using along with the error message is below:

(qiime2-amplicon-2023.9) qiime diversity alpha-rarefaction
--i-table table.qza
--i-phylogeny rooted-tree.qza
--p-max-depth 4000
--m-metadata-file metadata.tsv
--o-visualization alpha-rarefaction.qzv

Plugin error from diversity:

The following IDs are not present in the metadata: 'CT_FLB_001', 'MCM_APR_001', 'MCM_FEB_001_1', 'MCM_NOV_002_1', 'MD_HOU_001_1', 'MI_HLK_001_1'

I used Keemei to validate my metadata file, and it found no issues, so I am uncertain what could be wrong with the format.

metadata.tsv (228.0 KB)

Hi @amcrowell,
Looks like this metadata file is a feature metadata file. That command is expecting a sample metadata file.
i.e. its expecting your samples to be the rows not the columns.
Hope that helps!


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