Metaphlan2 installation outdated?


I would like to add the metaphlan2 plugin to q2. Unfortunately, the install instructions availabe at q2 library seem to be outdated. I get website errors for all linked webpages. I have opened a post at the biobakery resource, but did not receive any response.

Does anybody in the q2 core team know another resource how to install the metaphlan2 plugin?

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According to this post, q2-metaphlan is outdated and not compatible with new q2 versions. Developers will not support metaphlan2 but probably will add metaphlan3 in future.

For now, you can try to install earlier version of q2 to get q2-metaphlan2 working (I don't know which version will be compatible), or use metaphlan3 outside of q2 environment as standalone version.

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Hi @timanix
Thank you for your reply. I would love to have it as a working q2 plugin, let's keep the fingers crossed that the developers will metaphlan3 for q2.

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