metadata sheets .csv

The metadata files I have for my fastqs are in .csv instead of .tsv, can I change the file type to .tsv? Do they have to be .tsv files so I can evaluate them using keemei?
Thank you in advance

Hello Angelica,

Once you import the .csv file into Google Docs and validate with Keemei, you can File > Download the file as a .tsv.

For reference, .csv is short for comma separated values

sampleID, type, patient
s1, treatment, Colin
s2, control, Colin
s3, treatment, Sam
s4, control, Sam

While .tsv is short for tab separated values

sampleID	type	patient
s1	treatment	Colin
s2	control	Colin
s3	treatment	Sam
s4	control	Sam

The format is very similar! :smile_cat:


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Thank you very much! I’ll try it :blush:

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