Metadata issue for taxa bar plots

Hi! I'm a ew qiime user in my undergrad. I'm working through dada2 pipeline & diversity metrics, but when I get to this step in the documentation:

qiime taxa barplot \
  --i-table table-1.qza \
  --i-taxonomy taxonomy.qza \
  --m-metadata-file meta.tsv uu-umap.qza t3-diversity-core-metrics-phylogenetic/faith_pd_vector.qza t3-diversity-core-metrics-phylogenetic/evenness_vector.qza t3-diversity-core-metrics-phylogenetic/shannon_vector.qza \    
--o-visualization taxa-bar-plots-2.qzv

I run into this metadata error:

Here is the error copy & pasted:
There was an issue with loading the file as metadata:

  • Metadata file path doesn't exist, or the path points to something other than a file. Please check that the path exists, has read permissions, and points to a regular file (not a directory):*

  • There may be more errors present in the metadata file. To get a full report, sample/feature metadata files can be validated with Keemei:*

  • Find details on QIIME 2 metadata requirements here: Metadata in QIIME 2 — QIIME 2 2023.9.2 documentation*

I know that my metadata file exists because I use it in all the steps fo dada2 and core diversity metrics leading up to this step.

I've been troubleshooting this for a week now to no avail. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong with the metadata here?

I'm running q2cli version 2023.9.1 installed with miniconda.

Hello @mlein,

You gave a large list of arguments to --m-metadata-file, and it is impossible to tell at a glance which one is the problem. Can you please run the command qiime metadata tabulate and provide each of those files to its --m-input-file parameter one at a time to determine which file (or files) fails.

Thank you

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